Ready macros and scripts

BotMek has a large collection of ready-made macros and scripts for different games and other tasks.

You can use such macros absolutely free of charge, the installation of the macro happens in a few clicks.


Installation of ready macros

To install the macro, go to the menu "Ready Macros"

In the left list, select the desired game / task.

In the right list, select the macro or script you want to install, right-click on it and in the pop-up menu click “Install”.

After that, a window will appear informing about the installation results and the macro / script will appear in the appropriate editor.


Learn more about the macro / script.

Before installing a macro / script, you can study its description and read reviews.

To do this, right-click on the macro or script that you are interested in and click "More" in the pop-up menu.

You can also click the "Details" button in the lower right corner, or simply click twice on the line with the macro / script.

In the window that opens, there will be detailed information about the file, reviews, as well as through this window you can contact the author of the file.