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Before using BotMek in any game, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of this game. In most games, moderate macros are allowed, but some games may not be so loyal. Is it possible to use macros in a particular game, it is better to specify in technical support for this game.

 More about this on our forum: Go to

First of all, make sure you do everything right:
  • Make sure that there is no long delay in the macro / script at the beginning of the command. 
  • Make sure that the correct hotkey mode is set.
  • Make sure you click the launch button to activate key tracking.
  • Try using a snap mode and no snap to the window.
  • Check the operation of the program in notepad.

If not one of the methods did not help, then the game probably uses new protection methods that the program cannot currently overcome. In this case, make sure that the use of the program is not prohibited by the rules of the game, & nbsp; then you can try a workaround by following the instructions on our forum: Go to

All publicly available macros and scripts are located at

You need to make a little effort and you will be able to write the macro yourself on the mouse or keyboard. The program BotMek made it pretty simple. You can also simply record the desired keystrokes from the keyboard and the program will repeat them exactly. If all else fails </ strong>, you can ask for help from other program users in our forum. Unfortunately, tech support is not involved in writing macros or scripts.

You can use the program on multiple computers. It is most convenient to combine computers under one account, in this case all macros and scripts will be synchronized, and you can quickly and easily change the license to the desired computer. You can register by clicking on the icon with a profile image in the upper left corner of the program or by clicking on the links: Go to.

When installing the program, it is given 24 hours of use without restrictions, then you can use the program every day for free, but for a limited amount of time. To remove the restriction, you need to activate the license key, which you can get for free by performing certain tasks that benefit the project, for example, by loading macros and scripts into the common database.

To complete the tasks, go to the license manager. Click on the icon in the upper left corner of the program.

In the license manager, click & laquo; Get the key for free & raquo; and see the list of available tasks to date.

Get the key for free

BotMek supports macros from gaming mice and keyboards from Bloody | A4tech and others working on the most popular macros format * amc. You can freely download such macros on the Internet and use them in the program or write them yourself in the built-in editor. Macros written in the program editor can be used in gaming mice.

Yes, the program can work with a minimized window, for this you need to select window-based mode  and clearly indicate which window to work with.

Make sure your computer is installed NET Framework 4.5.

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